Policy on Water Heater Installations Policy No. UPC 510-1-94
Effective: September 1, 1995
Revised: February 10, 1996

All new and replacement water heaters installed in the City of San Jose shall be installed in compliance with the latest edition of the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) regarding elevation and bracing.

  1. UPC Section 1310(a) requires that the pilot light, burner, heating elements, or any other portion of a water heater which could serve as a source of ignition of flammable vapors be elevated at least 18" above floor level when installed in garages.

  2. Water heaters installed in the potential path of vehicle traffic shall be considered protected from damage as required by UPC 1310(c) if installed on a platform which is 18" or more above the floor level.

  3. All new or replacement water heaters shall be braced in compliance with the standard details related to seismic bracing which have been established by the State of California, Division of the State Architect (see attached).

Initiated by: Approved by:

Phillip H. Ribbs, Chief
Plumbing/Mechanical/Electrical Inspector

Barry Keech, Supervising
Plumbing/Mechanical Inspector Chief Building Official

Ron Cabral, Building Inspector/Combination



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